Welcome to ‘Porridge Club’, the online fan site for the world’s No1 breakfast.

We set up Porridge Club as a place where porridge lovers the world over could come and share their love for the oat based ‘Super Food’ that fuels them through the day.


You see (for non porridge fans) porridge is so much more than a bowl of warm oats; for many people it’s a way of life.  In this day of fast food, processed snacks and sugar stuffed breakfast cereals, porridge represents a revolution.   A movement of people who want to slow down, look after themselves and go back to basics with what they eat, starting with breakfast.

• Why Porridge ?

Porridge has a wide range of health benefits … 


We are always looking for guest bloggers, if you would like to write a blog post for us then just email tobyabudd@gmail.com with your post idea. It can be something to do with health benefits, recipe, your porridge story etc. I am aphid we can’t pay you as we are just a fan site, but we can include one relevant link.



10 Comments Add yours

  1. patricia says:

    Where can I find Red Seal Brekweet, whole wheat porridge?

  2. Lyla says:


  3. brian says:

    i like to sit in the bath with porridge all over me singing les mis

  4. i love porridge so much its keep me healthy and fit

  5. porridge is good for the heart

  6. porridge is good thing to brekfast

  7. Fergus Spink says:

    I bloody love a good bowl of porridge. My gal doesn’t like it, but she ain’t the boss of me

  8. smartersig says:

    Bad news on Porridge. I have been a porridge eater for 5 years every morning for breakfast but I am currently having a rethink as I dont think people really appreciate the effect commercial porridge is having on their blood glucose levels. You can read about my experiment at


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