Savoury Porridge – does it do it for you?

Over the weekend I sat down with my customary cup of Sunday morning coffee and a steaming bowl of fresh porridge, drizzled with honey and scattered with raspberries.

With a bit of jazz on the Spotify to make the mood complete I then decide to do my weekly online trawl of the Sunday papers. It was while browsing through the Guardian that I discovered this from the Foodie Traveler – an insight into savoury porridge eaten across south east Asia.

Congee, is  a savoury porridge made from rice boiled until it breaks down almost completely. Like our much-loved porridge ingredients are then added depending on taste and what you fancy. Congee tends to use opposite and contrasting flavours to make sure each mouthful packs a punch. It’s a play on spicy, sweet and sour with different textures (crispy fried shallots!) thrown into the mix too.

It sounds lovely but can it really be called porridge? Surely it’s more of a savoury rice pudding? And what about other savoury porridge dishes? Are they worth it or is it oat sacrilege?

Do share your thoughts with us! 


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