Chill out this summer with Porridge Ice Cream

Our friends north of the border have come up with a world first, combining our beloved porridge with perhaps our second-most favourite thing; ice cream.

The Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore worked with Buckie-based ice cream producer Simpsons in combining porridge with ice cream. So far they’ve come up with three flavours; fruity, butterscotch and plain porridge.

More than 800 US exchange students visiting the museum taste tested the food before it is offered for sale from 28 July.

Staff at the museum came up with the idea for the ice cream when trying to think of a food that fitted with Scotland’s unpredictable summer weather.

A spokesman for High Life Highland, the organisation that operates the site, said: “Why not create a dish for all temperatures?

“They imagined combining our nation’s favourite breakfast dish, renowned for its warmth giving properties, with everyone’s summer favourite – ice cream – and came up with porridge ice cream.”

Is it really a world first? Have you ever tried porridge ice cream? Let us know, we’re dying to know how it tastes.


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